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Building strong business relationships

Our services

Our clients are our friends towards which we are completely dedicated. We work very hard to understand the overall business of our clients in order to help them elaborate all the perils that may take an impact on their operations. By focusing on the finest business details and the specifics of their operations, we are able to suggest optimal insurance coverage, especially in terms price versus quality.

We provide to all our clients a full set of basic services:

  • Risk analysis and recommendations for risk coverage,
  • Insurance companies basic solvency appraisal,
  • Insurance policy content double-checking,
  • Providing help during the whole period of insurance coverage, before the insurance policy, during the insurance policy and especially when the insured event occurs (claim processing),
  • Monitoring all important deadlines and thus advising the client to undertake adequate operations to preserve and maintain legal rights arising from the insurance policy (contract).

We may offer as well:

  • Consultations in terms of active and old insurance policies and claims,
  • Optimization of current and future insurance coverage,
  • Consultation before investment activities in order to evaluate insurance aspect and to evaluate insurance costs,
  • Insurance education for your management and employees.